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A free tool that generates a marketing funnel specifically for your startup.

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What are marketing funnels?

Simply, marketing funnels are a fit for purpose, end-to-end pathway that takes your ideal customers from discovering your offering, to using and sharing it with others.

They are the marketing strategy for many startups.

The funnel structure is based on Pirate Metrics, a helpful customer-lifecycle framework developed by Dave McClure.

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MyFunnel generated a marketing funnel for me that was exactly what I’ve been recommended by industry professionals. But instead of paying for it, it was free.

- Nick Mihailou, Founder of Appstra 🚀

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How does this tool work?

Every business is different. First, you'll be asked questions that get to the heart of your startups' offer, market and customers.

Then, you'll get a PDF that breaks down each stage of the marketing funnel into the channels and tactics that are working right now for startups like yours.

  • 1

    Business life cycle (idea, early customers, established etc.)

  • 2

    Category awareness (do customers know your category exists)

  • 3

    Type of offering (Saas, Physical, Service, App etc.)

  • 4

    Type of Market (B2B, B2C)

  • 5

    Customer demographics (gender, age)

  • 6

    Purchase details (price point, consideration period etc.)

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A free tool that generates a marketing funnel specifically for your startup. Privacy.
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