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5 simple steps to your marketing plan



How to find and introduce your brand to your customer.


First Step

The first meaningful action people will take on the way to becoming your customer.



Most customers aren't ready to buy straight away, here's how you stay in touch with them.



The first transaction the customer makes with you. Here's where you make money.



How you encourage your customer to spread the word about your brand.

How does this tool work?

Every business is different. First, you'll be asked questions that get to the heart of your offer, market and customers.

Then, you'll get a document that breaks down each stage of your marketing plan into the channels and tactics that are working right now for businesses like yours.

  • 1

    Business life cycle (idea, early customers, established etc.)

  • 2

    Category awareness (do customers know your category exists)

  • 3

    Type of offering (Saas, Physical, Service, App etc.)

  • 4

    Type of Market (B2B, B2C)

  • 5

    Customer demographics (gender, age)

  • 6

    Purchase details (price point, consideration period etc.)

Here are some sample results

We've highlighted parts of the reports from a few businesses below. Each report makes recommendations and provides reasons why these recommendations are suitable for your specific business.

1. Introduction

How to find and introduce yourself to your customer.

  1. LinkedIn advertising

  2. Google Ads

  3. Influencer marketing on Youtube

  1. LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn's professional audience makes it ideal for targeting decision-makers in businesses, given Ignition is a B2B software product.

  2. Google Ads: With its extensive reach and keyword targeting, Google Ads can help your software reach potential customers actively searching for specific software solutions.

  3. Influencer Marketing on YouTube: Tech influencers on YouTube can demonstrate the uniqueness of your software, educating this niche market about the product and its benefits.

2. First Steps

The first meaningful action people will take on the way to becoming your customer.

  1. Launch a regular email newsletter

  2. Implement a reward-based mobile app

  3. Offer immediate order confirmation & follow-up

  1. Launching a regular email newsletter will allow Compton Burgers to maintain direct engagement with customers, providing them with updates, discounts, and other promotional activities which entice order placement.

  2. Implementing a reward-based mobile app would incentivize repeat purchases, creating loyalty and fostering a stronger customer relationship while increasing average customer lifetime value.

  3. Offering immediate order confirmation and follow-up provides reassurance to customers, improving their overall experience, fostering trust, and facilitating repeat business.

3. Follow-Up

Most customers aren't ready to buy straight away, here's how you stay in touch with them.

  1. Regular email newsletters

  2. Customer Loyalty Program

  3. Personalized Discounts or Offers

  1. Regular Email Newsletters: Keeps your audience engaged with new releases or updates about your product, nurturing future purchase intent.

  2. Customer Loyalty Program: Encourages repeat purchases by providing rewards, perfect given the 1-4 weeks decision time your customers need.

  3. Personalized Discounts or Offers: They provide a sense of exclusivity and value, directly targeting the affordability factor for your young audience.

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